Client Management - Course Beta

Sold out! Unfortunately the beta cohorts are full now. If you didn’t get a chance to enroll hang tight for the full course launching hopefully in the next few months!

If you work at an SEO agency, managing clients is essential to the success of your work. This course isn’t about account management or project management - it’s about fundamentally working with clients to get things done.

Good SEO is fundamentally consultative - you need to go beyond simply providing recommendations, to persuading and supporting clients to get buy-in and implement our recommendations. That’s why I’m building a course to deepen your client management skills

This course is designed for mid-career agency SEO professionals (and freelancers) who need to get better at working with clients. The topics we’ll cover:

  • How to manage client expectations
  • Communicating the value of SEO
  • Building trust and enduring client relationships
  • How to retain and upsell client projects

Ultimately it’s about improving your client communication skills to be more effective, more confident and level up your career.

Course Curriculum

The beta course format is a live cohort of 10-15 people meeting for 90 mins / week for 5 weeks. The structure is roughly:

  • Week 1: Intro. What is client management and why it matters.
  • Week 2: Alignment. How to gain alignment and manage expectations.
  • Week 3: Clarity. Clear and confident communication.
  • Week 4: Trust. Building great client relationships.
  • Week 5: Application. How to apply the principles in real situations: sales, SOW, project kickoff, upsells

Course Schedule

I’m launching two separate cohorts at once that will run in parallel. Please sign up for the one that suits your time best.

Cohorts begin the week of 14th March:

Cohort #1: Tuesdays @ 10am ET for 5 weeks. Sold out!

Cohort #2: Thursdays @ 12pm ET for 5 weeks Sold out!

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This is a beta!

Warning: This is a beta which means it’s a work in progress! I’m confident the course will be valuable but it may also be slightly less raw and not as polished as the final course. Throughout the course I’ll be sending surveys to gather feedback and I’d really love it if you can fill these out as we go.

Sign Up Now

Both beta cohorts are priced at $350. Spots are limited and provided on a first come, first served basis. Sign up here:

Cohort #1: Tuesdays @ 10am ET for 5 weeks Sold out!

Cohort #2: Thursdays @ 12pm ET for 5 weeks Sold out!

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