What people say about Executive Presence

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Tom really understands the nuances of speaking to executives.

He's created a course that will help any strategy minded marketer communicate their ideas and get buy-in from their clients or leadership.

Ben Collins
President, Boldist

I was part of the SEO MBA beta cohort and I highly recommend this course to SEOs who are looking to level up their strategic skills.

Tom shares processes and examples that are applicable to those client-side, agency-side and solo consultants. It’s extremely actionable and includes lots of learnings that I embedded in my day to day work.

Most importantly, I now feel much more confident presenting my SEO vision to leadership and executive teams.

Areej AbuAli
Head of SEO, Papier

This course is perfect for a seasoned SEO that knows what needs to get done and how to do it, but needs help with the soft skills: getting executive buy in, internal politics, budgeting, presentations, and more things no one ever talks about on Twitter.

If you are trying to take your career to the next level, and be able to clearly communicate to both your peers and senior, this course is for you.

John-Henry Scherck
Principal Consultant, Growth Plays

If you want to learn exactly how to present ideas and get executive buy-in for SEO projects, SEO MBA is easily the most important and unique course you can invest your time in. Unlike any other SEO training or course, SEO MBA teaches you how to build a presentation and strategy to get executive buy-in upfront.

Tom’s one simple tip on what to how to write a slide headline (and exactly what not to do) has radically transformed our client presentation and pitch decks. The course ended last week and it has already helped our entire agency communicate better and close 2 high quality six-figure deals.

Leigh Wasson
Chief Marketing Officer, Supreme Optimization

8 years into my career as a professional SEO, Tom's SEO MBA has helped me discover new ways to pitch projects, present forecasts and slide decks, drive change in large organizations and think more strategically.

There are a lot of SEO courses that will tell you how to write a title tag or conduct keyword research. This is not one of them. Tom operates on another level, and you should consider yourself lucky if you ever get the chance to pick his brain about any SEO- and strategy related topic.

Marco Schlauri
Founder, Digital Leverage

The course was enlightening and I have already found actionable ways to improve my executive communication skills, optimize reporting, and 'think bigger' with SEO strategy.

I now have the knowledge and tools to format more compelling requests for resources and support.

My team and direct manager have noted the positive change (and my boost in confidence) over the past few weeks, and I will continue to apply these learnings to take my performance to new heights.

Madeline Enos
Marketing Manager and Off-Page SEO Lead

Tom’s SEO MBA course provides a unique and critical course one cannot find anywhere else – up-leveling your SEO career past SEO Manager.

We SEOs often get bogged down in the weeds and his course captures the myriad of aspects I need even 10+ years doing SEO to continually improve my strategic level thinking.

Micah Fisher-Kirshner
VP of SEO & Content at Turn/River Capital

Tom Critchlow's SEO MBA course is one of the very few SEO courses that are worth 10x the cost. If you're interested in stepping out of the weeds to get buy-in with decision-makers at the executive level, this is a must-take course.

Tom's vast experience, impactful examples, and data-driven lessons ensure your SEO career gets leveled up.

Greg Bernhardt
Senior SEO Strategist, Shopify

Most SEO learning focuses on the technical and the tactical. That's obviously required but yields SEOs that are very good at living in the weeds, but that's not what gets results in an organization.

Tom's SEO MBA course is exactly what has been missing to take SEOs from channel masters to strategic marketers who can influence the course of a business.

Mike King
Founder & Managing Director, iPullrank

SEO peeps listen up: I've been consulting for 4 years now and occasionally running into problems I didn't know how to solve, mainly how to get orgs moving on my SEO recommendations with more urgency.

I got the chance to see the Beta of this course earlier this Fall and it instantly changed the way I position SEO projects with my clients. I'm already seeing success from it; this course is worth every penny.

Tom Dehnel
Freelance SEO Consultant

The SEO MBA beta was truly one of the most rewarding professional experiences in years!

The refinement of existing-, along with a whole new set of skills is so valuable when engaging the c-suite of decision makers and stakeholders.

Andreas Granehäll
Senior Owned Media Consultant, GroupM

The SEO MBA course and newsletter has been a game-changer for my team and I. The SEO industry hasn't traditionally focused on skillsets like strategic thinking and executive presence, but these skills are essential especially as SEO's become more senior in their careers and work with larger organizations.

The course does an excellent job of providing conceptual frameworks and grounding them with targeted examples and templates. The lessons from this course have already helped my team deliver better for our clients, and I strongly recommend this course to other teams and individuals.

Justin McKinney
Head Of SEO, Wpromote

I've really enjoyed the SEO MBA program. It is an honest, refreshing look at the limitations placed on SEOs as well as those they place on themselves. The course is great in that it helps to show you a better way to articulate the importance of SEO and SEO needs through the lense of Business and Revenue.

I'd recommend the course for any seasoned SEO who wants to break through the barrier of just being that web person.

Jay Buerck
Senior Growth Lead, Graphite

Tom knows his stuff. His course helped our team understand how, by understanding the perspective of the budget holder, we can make small tweaks to have big changes in how we can work more effectively with clients.

Barry Loughran
MD Performance Experience, Dentsu

Tom's training addresses a massive skills gap in the SEO industry.

If you're a senior SEO talking trying to get buy-in from senior client stakeholders, Tom has tried and tested advice about how to talk in their language and frame SEO in a way executives will understand.

Jon Hogg
Head of SEO Performance, iProspect

This is an immensely valuable and refreshing course which provides a coherent, well-structured approach to communicating better. Thoroughly recommend.

Ben Donaldson
SEO and UX Innovation, Dentsu

Tom is the top mind in the world of 'SEO for business'.

Some courses might teach you how to fix 404s, but Tom will teach you how to actually get things done and create major change in enterprise organizations. His consulting services have been integral to the growth of 110-person SEO-focused agency.

Ross Hudgens
Founder/CEO, Siege Media

Really don't think i'd even be able to get time with the CMO if I hadn't taken your course, let alone know how to align to their vision and win their buy in.

And I've been able to raise rates, so thanks again!

I’ve found Tom’s SEO MBA course extremely useful in helping me to revaluate my objectives, and how best to communicate those objectives to c-suite level.

As we all know, effective communication is key in SEO, and Tom’s course offers the helping hand we all need to deliver excellence.

Steve Wilson-Beales
Head of SEO & Editorial Product, Global

You can get training about SEO everywhere. But with the SEO MBA, Tom created a perfect additional resource to understand how to develop a SEO strategy and get an executive buy-in for SEO projects.

The course offers a good mixture of theory and practical examples, no matter if you are working on client-side, agency-side or as a solo consultant. The SEO MBA will help you take the next level. The time and money investment is worth it!

Darius Erdt
Head of SEO, Dept Agency

I really enjoyed the SEO MBA course. The training helped me in 3 ways:

1. It helped me understand how decision making goes in medium and larger organizations;
2. It gave me confidence that I would know how to navigate inside this organization;
3. It contained a lot of practically applicable tips on how to create and execute SEO plans/strategies.

I recommend it to anyone who already knows SEO, and now wants to make more impact with their SEO knowledge.

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I really enjoyed the SEO MBA course. When I transitioned to in-house SEO after being at agencies for over 8 years, I wanted to be prepared and did a bit of research online. I ended up reading Tom Critchlow's blog and learned about his SEO MBA course. It promised no technical SEO knowledge or SEO content tricks. Instead, it was about communication, building a business case and working with other teams in an organization. I used the personal training budget the company offered and started the training.

The training helped me in 3 ways:
1. It helped me understand how decision making goes in medium and larger organizations;
2. It gave me confidence that I would know how to navigate inside this organization;
3. It contained a lot of practically applicable tips on how to create and execute SEO plans/strategies.

I recommend it to anyone who already knows SEO, and now wants to make more impact with their SEO knowledge.

Thomas Frenkiel
SEO Strategist, Funnel

I cannot recommend the SEO MBA highly enough. Tom helps you navigate your way through not only the strategy of your client but also with presentation format. You never have to create those long presentations again where you are trying to cram in everything in case a senior manager/director asks you for the detail.

The SEO MBA was a practical course where we could work on real case studies. This is sometimes missing from other courses which makes all the difference when you want to learn and retain the information. I will be using what I learnt for many years to come.

Tom's office hours were great, you could meet others in the same situation and discuss your common strategy roadblocks.

SEO Jo Blogs

I’ve really enjoyed the Executive Presence course. It’s probably the most actionable piece of training I’ve ever done and I’m already noticing the impact it’s having on my ability to communicate the benefit of my work.

Thomas Haynes
Director of Strategy at Optix Solutions