The story of building the SEO MBA
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#March 24, 2023
#January 18, 2023

Passed 9,000 subscribers! (9,054 to be precise). Woop!

#December 1, 2022

Passed 8,600 subscribers!

Doing a little CRM enrichment on the email list and some excel analysis it look like 60% or so of subscribers are director level or above. Great proof point for the value of the audience.

#November 17, 2022

It’s almost exactly a year since I launched the first course so I wrote up a detailed and reflective look back at year 1, what worked, what didn’t and what’s ahead for year 2.

#October 10, 2022

Passed 8,000 subscribers! 🥳

#September 19, 2022

Recorded a podcast with Daniel K Cheung about getting buy-in, soft skills, SEO careers and more. Lovely to record a podcast episode with someone who’s graduated from the SEO MBA course!

#September 7, 2022

Published a newsletter How to make an SEO Strategy that looks at a practical way to go from a list of recommendations to an actual strategy.

Subscribers: 7,373

#July 13, 2022

Today I implemented parity pricing for the courses meaning that if you visit the page from a range of countries outside the US (for example Brazil, Mexico and many others) you’ll see a discount code. It’s not perfect - and certainly not exactly fair (I have to manage the tradeoff between complete fairness and admin overhead). But it’s more fair than it was before! So that feels good.

I was inspired by this post and relied on some data from this parity pricing calculator.

I’ll write more about this soon but for now it’s kind of a soft launch to check it’s all working as intended.

#June 28, 2022

Passed 6,500 subscribers! 🥳

#June 21, 2022

Published a newsletter sharing a skills matrix for SEOs: The SEO Skills Maturity Matrix.

This is part of the core thesis that soft skills are the path to the best paying jobs in the industry.

Subscribers: 6,183

#June 1, 2022

The Art of Client Management Launches Today!

Very excited to launch the second SEO MBA course: The Art of Client Management.

#May 24, 2022

The next course: The Art of Client Management launches next week!

Sent a note to the newsletter.

Subscribers: 5,951

#May 17, 2022

Published a newsletter: Good Client Management.

Subscribers: 5,874

This is a video I recorded with Ross Hudgens from Siege Media. Love hearing some details of how Siege onboards and manages clients. Also, some pics of my bedroom as I begin video shooting for course #2!

#May 3, 2022

Published a newsletter: Pace Layers of SEO.

Subscribers: 5,757

This one builds off a framework I developed for my new course on client management. Both beta programs wrapped up and I’m starting video production hopefully next week!

#March 31, 2022

Published a newsletter: Managing Expectations by finding Good Comparisons

Subscribers: 5,492

#March 30, 2022

I put up a dedicated page for corporate workshops and group buys with some clear pricing options for teams that want to engage with the course. I’ve had a handful of 10+ groups enroll in the course and I’d like to have more of those!

In particular, it’ s fairly well established the finding a cohort of peers to learn with improves learning outcomes. More insights into the cohort model in this post.

#March 23, 2022

Launched the SEO MBA log!

You know the word blog used to be short for “web-log”. But we don’t call things web-things anymore. We just call them, well… things. So maybe we need to stop calling them blogs and just start calling them… logs?

The name feels right for me because I’m specifically using this as a kind of public record. I want to document the behind-the-scenes, talk about the process of building and launching online courses, growing email subscribers and more. But I also want it to be a personal log of things I did! I want to remember a bit of how I felt when I put my first course live, or where I was when I was running a beta course.

The SEO MBA is increasingly my full time income and who the F knows where it’s going - but the least I can do is keep a record of where it’s been.

It looks something like this:

#March 17, 2022
#March 15, 2022

First week of the beta course for the second course! Working title: Client Management Masterclass.

#February 17, 2022

Put up a simpler homepage design, with some supporting testimonials. Looks like this:

#February 11, 2022

Subscribers: 5,000 🥳

#February 10, 2022

Published Is SEO Worth It? to 4,943 subscribers.

#January 25, 2022

Published Navigating an SEO Career to 4,832 subscribers.

#January 11, 2022

Published Being Mid-Career Sucks: The Context Crisis to 4,759 subscribers.

#January 8, 2022

Over 200 students enrolled in the course on Executive Presence 🥳

#January 5, 2022

Created a testimonials page dedicated to the course. So heart warming to see all of the nice things people have said!

Looks like this:

#December 21, 2021

Posted up a Twitter thread with a recap of 2021 and looking ahead to 2022:

#November 23, 2021

Enabling Stripe Climate

Now, 1% of all revenue goes to carbon removal. Thanks Stripe for making this easy.

#November 3, 2021

Executive Presence for SEOs Course Launch!

The first SEO MBA course is finally live! After staying up until 3am, polishing pixels and inspecting infrastructure the course went live with a bang:

#October 11, 2021

Filming starts for the first course! It takes a village - here’s a photo of the whole family in Erin’s art studio setting up the lighting and camera..

#September 15, 2021

The second course beta cohort starts today!

I was traveling all summer so it’s been a while since the first beta cohort. From the feedback there it was clear that a second cohort was needed - lots of refining the materials, creating new examples and clarifying models.

#April 15, 2021

The first course beta cohort starts today!

I run beta cohorts to try and test out material. It’s one thing to know what you want to teach, but figuring out the right way to explain those ideas clearly is a whole other matter. The beta cohorts allow me to get feedback and refine my delivery.

#February 2, 2021

I launched the SEO MBA email newsletter on Substack:

What a response! I was blown away by the initial reaction.

#January 13, 2021

I forced myself to wait a full month after the initial idea to make sure it was a good idea. I waited. It still felt like a good idea, so I bought the domain name:

#December 14, 2020

After spending a lot of time hiking through national parks with my family - Roxy scrambling over rocks, Indy chilling in the hiking backpack - the idea for the SEO MBA was first born: